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mudra - prayer without words

My everyday life is full of mudras, gestures and postures that I experience as a flow of energy. They come on their own, I don't really practice them, they arise spontaneously when I connect with the divine. It's like a dance and in fact you've probably already seen "mudras" in Asian dances. Maybe not consciously, but surely you have noticed that the dancers' hands make many gestures. Mudras are sacred, mudras are healing because the energy of the Divine Mother is flowing through you at this mOMent. When my finders form into mudras, I feel connected to Shakti, the female power called Prana in Ayurveda. Prana is a Sanskrit word and means breathing air, in Ayurveda it is used to describe the life energy and somehow it is the breathing air that keeps us alive and allows the energy in the first place. Prana is in all of us, but mostly it is dormant. Prana must be awakened. In Ayurveda, prana is thought of as a serpent that can rise vertically in our body. It is called Kundalini, but normally it rests in our pelvic area. Unfortunately, the energy often escapes without us using it to grow spiritually. The nadis (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers) constantly emit prana, the life force that normally escapes from the body and disperses to the outside world and is wasted. Mudras are the means by which we can prevent the dissipation of life energy from escaping the body and redirect it back to the body and mind. In this way, it helps the practitioner to awaken kundalini and channel it to flow upwards, allowing the practitioner to reach the higher consciousness or state of bliss.

mudam anandam dadati iti mudra

the actions that gives us pleasure and bliss

Even if mudras arise from my inner being, of course I learned many of them first. I connected to the "world of mudras" fifteen years ago and learned a lot from it. For example: Mudras stimulate electromagnetic currents in the body that balance various constituent elements and restore health. But I'm not a doctor and I'm not a healer either. I don't want to write something I haven't experienced myself. Therefore I will not go into the medicinal purposes of the mudras. For me, mudras are prayers without words, gestures that give me inner peace.

First I would like to explain to you the function of the individual fingers in a mudra .Each finger corresponds to an element, a chakra and a planet. I would like to write about the elements as I know it from Ayurvedic healing.
Thumb: Fire element - Agni
Index finger: Air element - Vayu
Middle finger: etheric element - Akasha
Ring finger: Earth element - Prithivi
Little finger: water element – Apas
The thumb plays an important role in mudras. It is related to fire and is the driving force for activating all other elements. This is not scientific now, but for me it is like the Shakti, which gives the energy to every male deity! The thumb stands for energy, assertiveness and enthusiasm. Aren't you fired up sometimes when you want to realize an idea?

GYAN MUDRA - activate your air element
The index finger represents the air element in your body. Air stands for lightness, flexibility (i.e. not holding onto something rigidly), sensitivity, love, emotions and adaptability. With the help of the air element you can also put yourself in someone's shoes. You can activate the air element with one of the most famous mudras, the gyan mudra. The fire, Agni, of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger in which Vayu resides. The Gyan Mudra brings harmony to your body and soul. It also helps with loss of appetite and depression.
I have already sent you a separate post about the Gyan Mudra.

AKASHA MUDRA - activate your ether element
The middle finger is assigned to the etheric element. It is considered a particularly cleansing finger, i.e. if you want to clean something in yourself, then use a mudra that specifically activates the middle finger. The Sanskrit name for ether is very interesting. Akasha is the space. When you are in the space, you can move in all directions. Not only in the cardinal points, but also up and down. This also explains why we find Akasha in the middle. Akasha Mudra is a mudra for feeling wide and light, just content. If you now connect your thumb with your middle finger, then your inner fire, your enthusiasm and your emotions touch the cleansing element of the space. You are expanding. Width arises in you. The narrowness of your feelings has disappeared. According to Ayurveda, the Akasha Mudra should also help with digestive problems, heart disease, anxiety and detoxification.

PRITHIVI MUDRA - activate your earth element
The ring finger corresponds to the element earth. If the thumb, which contains the fire of the sun in this mudra, touches the ring finger, it makes the earth element fertile and strong with its energy. This mudra will make you feel grounded. Your mental roots will be strengthened. Prithivi is the earth goddess, mother earth, our nature. Is there anything better than being connected to the earth? By the way, this mudra strengthens your skin, hair, fingernails, tendons and ligaments. It is also said to improve your sense of smell.

BUDHI MUDRA - activate your water element
The little finger stands for the water element and thus for flowing, for creativity, for devotion and also for “being in the flow”. When you connect your fire finger and your water finger, you balance both elements. On the one hand there is your will, your fire and your ambition, on the other hand letting go. For example, if you want to regain a clear mind, this mudra is perfect for that. By the way, this mudra also helps with bladder problems. It supports kidney function and also helps with dryness in the eyes or mouth.
You should practice all mudras for at least 15 minutes in order for them to have any effect at all. You can always do it, no matter what the time. Also try holding them at different centers of the body. Practice the mudras while sitting, lying down, standing, walking and running. Just feel how they are working on you. I practice them all day, they come naturally into my fingers .

NAMASKAR - I greet the divine in you - ANJALI MUDRA
You've probably seen people who fold their hands together in front of their hearts and bow slightly. This gesture is part of everyday life in India and Southeast Asia, but it is also increasingly practiced in the West. Often silent. This gesture is called Anjali-Mudra. The gesture is better known under Namaste or Namaskar. These are also the words with which the gesture is strengthened and what you want to express with it:"I greet the divine in you!"
The divine flows through everything that exists. The source of creation works in every cell and atom. Whether in nature, in animals, plants, stones, water, air, earth, planets, stars, the universe or in us humans. Have you ever thought about it? There is neither good nor bad for the divine, neither higher nor lower. There is no ranking because everything is part of the divine. Everything contributes to the whole. If you are aware of this fact, it goes without saying that everything around you is valuable. So why not express this with a gesture? Namaskar (Namaste) is a very easy word to learn and it's so easy to fold your palms together. And yet it has so much effect. And don't forget: The gesture also reminds you that the source of creation is in you too! In the beginning, it may just be fun to practice Namaskar/Namaste. But the more you become this gesture yourself, the closer you get to your own nature.
Your hands are full of energy. This is because there are so many nerve endings. If you consciously put your palms together, you will feel this energy. Basically, opposites combine at this moment. Your female side (left) with the male side (right). The energy of the moon with the energy of the sun. Yin and yang. The Anjali Mudra is therefore a mudra of harmony.
My own everyday world is permeated with “Namaskar/Namaste”. For me, the Anjali Mudra is an important part of living in the present with an open mind. I embrace the divine not only in living beings, but also in my food and objects. At such moments I also realize how many people have given me their strength that I now have this object. Or how many people contributed to my meal. And above all: Nature, which is nothing other than the true divine, gives me every new day that I am allowed to experience. I am grateful and I express this through Namaskar/Namaste!
Try it! Namaskar!

GANESHA MUDRA for the heart chakra
Everything starts with Ganesha, the day, every Sadhana, every prayer, every mantra, every new project and so I would like to put the Ganesha Mudra on this page right after the general Mudra explanation!
The Ganesha Mudra helps to have more courage, more assertiveness and also to start something new. Hold your left hand palm out in front of your heart. Now grasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand with the palm facing the body. In principle you hook both hands with your fingers. Exhale and pull your hands apart without releasing the grip. Release the tension and inhale. Repeat 10 times for a total of 11 rounds (for all directions, center, up and down)
Recite the mantra for Ganesha three times, for the three worlds
(bhur-bhuvah-swaha/ Bhur: the Earth/the physical body/physical realm; Bhuvah: the space/the life force/the mental realm Swaha: the heaven/the soul/spiritual realm)
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Change hand positions with the right palm facing outward and left palm facing inward.
Repeat the exhalation and inhalation 10times
and intone the mantra for Ganesha three more times.
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Focus on the heart center in silence for a while.
The Ganesha Mudra not only strengthens your courage, but also your health! This mudra strengthens the heart muscles and stimulates heart activity in general, releasing tension in the area. It opens up the heart chakra and stimulates courage, confidence and openness in relationships.
Do not forget: You have all the strength to overcome everything that stands in your way, everything that wants to test you!

I do this mudra every morning. It is performed with both hands. You can do it while sitting, walking, standing or during various asanas in yoga. It is a mudra that brings you back in touch with nature or with your fellow human beings. The mudra dissolves fears, because it is precisely these fears that often cause illness, differentiations and aversions. With this mudra I strengthen my self-confidence and face the challenges of daily life with courage.(not only with my beloved Ganesha Mantra!!!)
Brahmara means "bee" and it does not necessarily mean the mudra, but the breathing exercise that you do during this mudra. So it is a real sadhana! Take a deep breath and imagine that you smell something very beguiling and pleasant. For example a flower. As you exhale, make sure that you do it buzzing, just like a bee. You will feel your throat chakra and that is also the chakra for which this mudra is intended. The mudra is actually also excellent for speaking, for example when you are excited and an oral exam is imminent, or when you have to speak in front of a lot of people. Carried out consciously and with full devotion, you will experience connectedness, ease, joy and silence.

And this is how it works: You bend your index fingers so that the finger goes all the way down and thus goes to the root of the thumb and then you connect the middle finger as an ether finger with the thumb. The thumb together with the etheric finger means that the energy into the etheric element and while the index finger is bent in this way, the air element is practically bent and it bows. The other two fingers (little finger and ring finger) are relaxed and look somewhere into the infinite space.
(As you know, I am actually not writing about the medical purposes of mudras because I have not experienced it myself. As far as I know, the mudra helps with allergies. )

Shiva Linga Mudra
Shiva Linga Mudra - is a powerful hand gesture that represents both Shiva and the goddess Parvathi, a symbol of masculinity and femininity. The mudra symbolizes the integration of the energies of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is represented by the thumb pointing upwards, the rest of the mudra is Shakti. The masculine, fiery energy rests on the feminine energy. The thumb up ultimately a symbol for the aspiration up to the infinite. When you do this Shiva Linga mudra you can imagine that your energy flows upwards and that you perceive the divine in infinity.

The Shiva Linga Mudra is also a healing mudra. Put your hands together and interlock your fingers. It looks a lot like a prayer posture, only one thumb remains stretched upwards. The thumb and left index finger of the other hand enclose the thumb that is pointing up. As you have already read, you can choose which thumb is your energy linga. Energy. In my last post (in the OMline APPshram) I explained the function of the thumb in finger yoga. The fire, the drive, lives in the thumb. And when the thumb is up, there is a lot of positive energy. You will notice how warm it becomes during this mudra.
I learned that you can use this mudra to alleviate illnesses caused by an increase in phlegm. For example, all colds such as cough, catarrh or bronchial diseases. But you have to start the practice as soon as the disease breaks out. Chronic complaints can also be healed over time. But be careful: The mudra should not be practiced over a long period of time, i.e. only as long as it is needed. Otherwise, the "blazing fire" could make you restless and weaken yourself spiritually. But do not worry, try the mudra and feel the energy of Shiva in you for a few minutes!
Hari Om Shiva Om Shiva Om Hari Om

Chin mudra devotion
I look at this frangipani tree with great devotion.
The scent of the flowers is just a manifestation of divine existence.
It makes it a little easier for me to perceive the invisible energies,
that fill our universe, that make existence possible at all.
I feel a wonderful, exhilarating silence.
I am so incredibly grateful to these blossoms,
they have helped me step into the void.
A void that creates space
for the divine energy
I am fulfilled.
Each of us has probably sat in meditation with the chin mudra at some point. Most of the time you put your hands on your knees. In the chin mudra, the thumb and forefinger touch each other. The tips of the fingers point upwards. This is the classic version. But with the chin mudra you can also go into devotion while looking at nature. You don't always have to sit and do all the mudras rigidly according to instructions. Be inspired by the divine energies to be in silence. It can be loud and wild around you, but you yourself are in the void, as if you were in the middle of a cyclone, as Osho always said.

When I stand in front of the great Garuda in our shop-museum , I am always deeply connected to the energy of the divine eagle. In Indian mythology, Garuda is the mount of Vishnu, the divine manifestation, which stands for the preservation of all life. Garuda is considered immortal. You can find him not only in India, but also in Nepal, Tibet and all over Southeast Asia. The people tell many stories and legends about this magical bird. The best known miracles of him are in the Ramayana, Mahabharata and "Tirtha Amerta". However, Garuda takes not only the sustainer of the life (Vishnu) from this world to the other one, but also people who are on the spiritually way to themselves. He is the king of the birds, symbol of the sun, and he is fast like the wind.
Now I'm going to take you along on the wings of Garuda and we will fly from the mundane to the spiritual and healing world of mudras!
Garuda embodies sometimes the air element and sometimes also the fire element. "Air" because it is a bird that of course flies through the air. The element of fire because Garuda is full of fire. And it is the "fire" through which all negativity is eliminated. It goes up in smoke!
I really like the Garuda mudra. It gives me space and lightness. With the fire that arises from abdominal breathing, I overcome any fears that arise and actually strengthen my gut feeling to actually put it into practice.
First of all, a short guide to the mudra:
I use the mudra while sitting, during various yoga asanas and also while standing or even walking. You can also do it while dancing. Just as Garuda did not only spend his life sitting on the ground or branch, but rather dancing in flight in the sky! Become a bird, become Garuda! Let your thumbs become his beak. Feel that your hands become wings and take off into the air!

Place your right and left hand with hooked thumbs in front of your HARA, the energy center of your body (abdominal area). The eight other fingers are stretched on the one hand, but also relaxed. They don't touch. They are similar to the feathers on a bird when the wings are spread out. The palms point inwards (towards your body). The eight fingers embody the air element, the two thumbs the fire element. Depending on how long your thumbs are, they can twist more around each other and ultimately point upwards. My thumbs are very short, but that doesn't change the effect.
Hold eleven conscious breaths. Feel your life energy, prana.

Move the mudra up to your heart chakra. This is the correct place where the mudra is practiced. When you breathe now, you will notice that you are automatically breathing with your stomach.
This increases your own energy, your fire, your willpower to create something that you always want to do. Everything will be easier for you. Thus, the mudra is good for those with mental weakness. On the other hand, you have your hands right in front of your spiritual heart. The eight fingers, which symbolize the wings of the Garuda, symbolize freedom and expansion. And so this mudra also stands for the opening of the heart, for joy and enthusiasm.
From a medical point of view, the mudra activates the blood circulation, brings the energy into balance and helps against exhaustion and mood swings. It has a positive effect on stressful situations when breathing is difficult. If you have high blood pressure, proceed cautiously. The Garuda Mudra, however, is as powerful as the mythical bird itself. Therefore, you should not practice it for too long. No more than 10 minutes, but you can do it several times a day.
While opening my heart, I like to invoke Garuda's light energy with his mantra:
om tatpurushaya vidmahe
suvarnapaksaya dhimahi
 tanno garudah prachodayat
Garuda Gayatri mantra is a powerful mantra. Traditionally it is recited against fear and also for healing. It also helps against black magic and negative forces.
“We meditate on Garuda, the Great Soul,
the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness.
May he, who has golden wings, give me clarity.
Oh Garuda, please bring me enlightenment and inspiration.”

Finally, I get up out of this inner strength and release my hands from my chest. My arms are reaching up with the hands still folded as wings. Completely freed from fear and negativity, I open my hands above my head.
The energetic connection with Garuda gives me the inner strength for lightness and freedom. It supports me in experiencing new situations with ease and in taking responsibility for my own life. It also helps me to free myself from all floods of information that affect me all day.

My deep connection with Garuda has been 33 years now. At that time I was magically drawn to this mythical bird. It was also a little Garuda statue that created a magical bond between my husband and me. I was still a customer at the time, a girl of seventeen. Hubert was fascinated that a "little girl" was interested in a Garuda and chose a statue that had a crack. For me, the statue wasn't broken. Rather, this rift testified to the incredible energy that is in Garuda. I said that to Hubert, who was still a complete stranger to me and only the owner of the shop (and yet I was totally in love with him). He was fascinated. He had never heard that from a customer.
om tatpurushaya vidmah
e suvarnapaksaya dhimahi
tanno garudah prachodayat
I trust Garuda and fly with him from the mundane world, which is often full of obstacles, wounds and negativity, into a world of spiritual peace. Are you coming with me?

Mudras are finger poses. Great healing power is flowing in Mudras, which actually emanates from me and returns to me. I love mudras and they play a big role in my everyday life. That's why I'll dedicate a whole page to the mudras later. Here I introduce you to a very simple mudra, although this mudra is the most important ever!
The Gyan Mudra is a very popular spiritual practice for me. I can almost always do it, in principle. Whether I am lying, sitting, standing or walking. The Mudra is always possible with one hand. Accordingly, I use them very often during the day. When I put the tips of my thumb and index finger together in a naturally way, I immediately feel a certain lightness. Immediately I will become attentive and aware again. That's why I like to use Gyan-Mudra in everyday life. It is, so to speak, my "Universal Mudra", to turn something mundane into something divine. For example, when writing, painting, running, brushing your teeth ... Sometimes I fall asleep with this mudra too. But then I do it with both hands. The Gyan is one of the mudras that you do not necessarily have to practice for a given time. You just make them as long as you feel comfortable doing. Or of course as long as you have time. For me, the Gyan is just the perfect everyday Mudra! Nevertheless, I do it with dedication and love. With the Gyan you can not only heal your spirit (it leads you from the chaotic world of thought to a unity), but also cure diseases. Personally, I have no experience. But I can imagine that very well. The Gyan-Mudra offers many possibilities to use. Gyan is the mother of many mudras. It can be used to create other mudra shapes by turning your hands connected with different postures. Gyan mudra symbolizes the union of Self with the universe, the unification of one's soul and the supreme Soul. The thumb symbolizes the supreme Soul, the index finger refers to the practitioner's soul.
Gyan really gives me a lot of joy and I hope that I could inspire you!

Purna Gyan Mudra
You have probably heard the word "purna" before. It appears innumerable times in the Purnam mantra and means something like complete, full or entire. Gyan means knowledge and awareness and so through intensive practice of this mudra you will gain complete awareness and knowledge. For example, Buddha Gautama did this before he became enlightened. Well, that must be an incentive!
Purna Gyan is performed with both hands. So bring your index fingers to the thumb on both hands. Let their tips touch each other. It is important that you bring your index finger to your thumb and not the other way around. There is an obvious reason for this. The index finger stands for the element of air, but also for your individual self. The thumb embodies the element of fire, but also the universal self. In yoga the goal is to dissolve the individual self into the universal self and not the other way around. So touch the tip of your thumb with your index fingers!
Purna Gyan Mudra is always performed while seated, in a crossed yoga seat (Padmasana, Siddhasana or Swastikasana). Now, bring your right hand in Gyan Mudra up to the level of your heart chakra in front of your chest, your left hand in Gyan Mudra lies on your left knee. Ideally, you will be in this mudra for 45 minutes a day. Of course this is not easy. So start with 15 minutes first and just practice three times a day. You can then improve over time. As a result of regular practice, the brain cells and tiny electrical impulses in the brain begin to work in a mysterious way, it is said. The benefit is difficult to put into words, you have to feel it yourself. Have you ever felt the energy between your fingers even though you haven't touched them at all? Try this out before the gyan form. Just leave a small gap between your index finger and thumb! This is how you notice how strong our energy flows are. By practicing Purna Gyan on a daily basis, you can develop real mental powers. Have you ever seen in Tibetan thangka pictures how rays of all colors flow out of Buddha? Buddha is surrounded by a beautiful aura. At the peak of his meditation he was full of energy. And it is precisely this energy that you can achieve with Purna Gyan. Get to divine knowledge, recognize the light in you, recognize that you and the divine are one! But even if you fail to achieve this, the Purna Gyan Mudra will help you transform negative forces and bad habits into peace of mind. You can also cure addictions.
Purna Gyan is a wonder-full mudra, a mudra full of wonder! It transforms negative forces into positive ones. If all people were to experience the benefits and glory of Purna Gyan - there would be no more fights and wars. A world-wide peace would emerge from one's own inner peace. Light! Oh yes,light: Purna Gyan is the second mudra of the Gayatri mudra cycle, which is practiced after the mantra. Purna Gyan and Gayatri shine in the same light.
Think about how many yogis, sadhus, holy teachers, gods have practiced them for millennia before you, how many are doing it with you right now! Wow, so much energy vibrating through our space! And now you practice it too!

here is the link for the Gayatri Mudra Cycle

Surya and Durga Mudra Sadhana in the light of Kushmanda
I practiced this mudra sadhana for the first time during the 2021 Navratri Festival. I had dedicated ten days to the manifestations of Durga. Every year (in autumn) Hindus all over the world celebrate the great festival of Navratri and 2021 I had planned to experience it too. Yes, experienced, because I could never really identify myself with the great goddess before. But in that mOMent I was receptive to it. And of course, mudras were part of my experience.
I had been practicing the Durga mudra throughout the festival, not only during th puja, also in everyday life:
You take the thumb and bring it between the middle finger and the index finger, then you place the index finger over the thumb. The thumb stands for the element of fire, is strong and carries everything else with it. And so Durga Mudra is good for creating strength and strength in you. But Durga also stands for courage. And if you imagine what courage "Kushmanda", the fourth manifestation of Durga, had to create the whole universe! In general, what a strong woman she has to be to be able to live in the core of the sun! Wow!
“May I have the same courage as Durga. May Durga give me courage and strength to take things into my own hands and also to deal with difficulties, ultimately to fight against the adversities in my life. "
Kushmanda is the shining light of the sun and so I practiced the Surya (Sun) Mudra on the day dedicated to her. The surya mudra is the connection between the sun and the earth. The thumb is the fire element (here sun) and the ring finger is the earth element. In particular, the surya mudra is a mudra that I practice at sunrise, when the sun rises and is above the earth. Surya mudra also helps me to get energy and strength so that I can start my day well. But during the day the sun is also above the earth... Actually, whenever I have the feeling that dark clouds are coming up inside of me, my fingers began to form this mudra. It is my light mudra!  On the special day of Durga Kushmanda I felt the strength that comes from her. Her rays, or the rays of the sun (Surya) that she sent in my/our direction (she tells God Surya in which direction to shine).
You can do surya mudra with one hand or both. You bend your ring finger and put your thumb over the middle link of the ring finger. Enjoy it!

The vajra mudra is known as the "Gesture of the Fiery Thunderbolt."
The vajra is a Buddhist symbol for the unshakable principle of the path to enlightenment. Translated, Vajra means something like "indestructible diamond". In Tantric Buddhism, it is a sign of the unchanging, clear essence of reality that underlies everything. The vajra mudra as you see it with this Buddha figure corresponds to this meaning! Both index fingers point upwards.
In the Hindu world, the vajra is known as the "thunderbolt" or "scepter". He embodies the sign of the Vedic god Indra. According to Indian legend, God Indra created the world and saw that it was occupied by demons. He then dropped the vajra on the earth and drove away the demons.
If you look at the sky at night, you will see that the vajra is also a symbol of the constellation Orion, the sign of change and transformation. You can also call the Vajra the “Bringer of Knowledge”. If you regularly work with a vajra, its features and the resulting insights, it can support you in your spiritual journey (as the Tibetan say)
Now I come back to the "demons" again. The term demon is described in holistic Tibetan medicine as a disease in which mental disorders and fixations, i.e. adherence to old patterns, are involved. Vajras have the power to dissolve such blockages, to protect you energetically, in harmony and thus to bring your energies to a harmonious flow. With this in mind, I use the Vajra Mudra (see photo)

How to practice the Vajra Mudra:
Use your thumb to touch the tip of your middle finger. Then place the ring finger and the little finger on the middle finger. By touching the thumb with these three fingers, the etheric element, the water element and the earth element are connected with fire. That gives you a strong power.
And then you have the index finger, which stands for the air element. Extend your index finger. The air element means that you can direct this energy, which is created by connecting the three fingers with the thumb, in all directions. This Buddha figure has its index fingers pointing upwards, but you can practice the mudra in very different directions, depending on what is important to you at the moment.
For example: You can practice the vajra mudra thinking of something concrete and in which direction you want to take the energy. And you could also point with both index fingers forward, and put your hands on your knees. You can first imagine that you are full of energy, fire and power and then you can think of the direction in which you want to direct this energy.
Vajra Mudra is a sacred hand gesture that stimulates blood circulation. It is useful in treating low blood pressure, poor circulation and heart disease. Vajra Mudra enables you to get rid of apathy and dizziness. Practice this mudra for at least five minutes, up to three times per day.  But it should not be practiced by those with high blood pressure!!!
Enjoy the mudra while practicing! Let the mudra touch your heart, soul and body.

Bhumisparsha Mudra
Have you ever seen Buddha shortly after his enlightenment? Do you know which mudra he is doing? It is an earth mudra. The name is BHUMI SPARSHA MUDRA. Back then, Buddha was sitting alone under the bodhi tree. Only the earth witnessed his enlightenment. That is why this mudra is also called "enlightenment mudra". Bhumi is the earth and Sparsha testifies to the infinite vastness that was created in Buddha through his enlightenment. Put your right hand on your knee and let your fingers look down. Your left hand rests on your lap in the meditation position. Buddha was in meditation when he became enlightened. Perhaps it is more original if you meditate first and then form your right hand into the Bhumisparsha Mudra. Let the earth witness your silence!
But maybe you also need some grounding during meditation if your thought images do not allow you to calm down. Then put your right hand in the Bhumisparsha Mudra.
(I loved these trees at Ta Phrom Temple in Angkor Thom - Cambodia, unfortunately they were cut down a few years ago. Pics are from 2006)

...soon more...