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What does "SADHANA" mean?

For me it is all actions that I exercise with awareness. Acts that I exercise in harmony with nature. "SADHANA" is for me an aid that leads me back to my real being. The universe holds an infinite number of "Sadhana" ready for us. Everything can become a "SADHANA". When I do something in full harmony, love, and awareness, it works healing on me and creates peace in me. Even things that are annoying change when I realize them consciously and with love. Have you ever cleaned in this quality? Eating and preparing food is a sacred aspect of everyday life for me. Food heals, of that I am firmly convinced. My day is littered with "SADHANAS" and on this page I want to gradually put them into words and photos. I also want to post only "SADHANAS", which I experienced myself. How can I write about something that I do not know myself? Learned knowledge is not real knowledge. I can not and do not want to share such knowledge. "SADHANAS" encompass a wide range of physical, existential, and cosmic practices. These include mantra reciting, mantra singing and mantra writing, meditation, asana, pranayama, puja, holy scripture reading, but also everyday things like body care, cooking, cleaning, gardening, breathing, walking, making something creative, etc. - the list could go on forever. Maybe my  "own sadhanas" will inspire you. Maybe you find totally different ones, because each of us is an individual and should go his own way. But one thing I'm sure of: everything that arises in love, harmony and awareness, creates peace. Peace in yourself, peace that you radiate to the outside. Peace that our planet desperately needs. It's best to start with myself. I am closest to myself. Only when I like myself, I can also like the other.

SADHANA is my way. I do not just view the "SADHANAS" as spiritual exercises that I occasionally do or integrate into my life at specific times. I consider my life a SADHANA. It is my fulfillment. And from year to year, I feel more that it really is. For me it is important that nothing is a must. Everything I do should come out of my heart. I like to be inspired. But everything is really just an inspiration. I give it a try and see if it is really somethings for me. I change exercises until I feel: that's my nature, that's me. Over time, I continue to develop the SADHANAS. When something does not feel right, my body, mind and soul begin to create something new. Everything changes and also a spiritual exercise. A constant river. That's my opinion. Of course, the basic idea or the basic practice persists, especially with the traditional SADHANAS.

Yoga is very popular right now. That's good. Everyone talks about it, many practice it. Often, however, I have the feeling that yoga only takes place in the yoga class. But is that really yoga? Not for me anyway. What is the use of it in the original sense of yoga if I can perfectly take an asana (posture) and live the rest of my day completely against the principle of yoga? In this case, for me that is not yoga, but a kind of sport. I do not live in an ashram, but in the middle of the marketplace, as Osho always said. And yet I try to practice a religious life in harmony with nature and myself. Everything is holy. I encounter everything with awareness. And if that is not the case, I notice it immediately and lead me back on the way. That does not mean that I live ascetically. I do not have to live ascetically to be religious. This is, for example, a principle of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity of Hinduism. By the way, Ganesha is also the patron saint of yogis! I live a life of joy and love to laugh! I do not live in poverty. I live in a beautiful house with a wonderful garden and many animals. My job is the epitome of spirituality and beauty. I am surrounded by statues of Hinduism and Buddhism. I can really afford a lot. But I am aware of it and very grateful. I like to share and am happy when I can make others happy.

I have the natural desire to kill no living creature, to lie or steal. My life is based on love. Love for all living beings. I also always want to do justice to everyone. I like to share my joy. And to have fun, I never needed any intoxicants, like drugs, tobacco or alcohol. Compassion, patience, straightforwardness, contentment and devotion to the Divine: Without knowing that these are the first two limbs of the eight-folded path of Raja Yoga, it has always been deeply rooted in me.

Living life according to its nature is not easy. But that's exactly what makes it valuable. Work on it. Every day a little more. Do not give up. Be on the way, which is really no way. It's just a means to remove all barriers that separate you from yourself.

And then look with your heart. Perform every action with dedication. Do not make it out of duty. Even your normal work. Do it with dedication. That's the only way you do not waste your time of life. It does not matter what job you have. Every job should be your vocation. When you do something with dedication, time does not matter either. You like to do it. You dissolve in the thing. With this setting, the seed begins to find fertile soil. Something grows in you. And already a life begins in SADHANA!

Here I describe you a few Sadhanas to choose from. You will find more on the following pages:

Enjoy my "SADHANAS"!

I want to start with meditation. Osho, my beloved Guruji, always said that every true change begins with meditation. A person in meditation can not kill. He can not hurt anyone. He will always live in the sense of nature, the exitence.

traditional sadhana:  meditation

“Meditation is a state of no-mind. Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content.” OSHO

In the nature. Rippling water, a slight breeze, surrounded by warmth. The eyes closed. First, I still feel my body, perceive the environment. After a while, I feel connected to everything that surrounds me. I feel light. And suddenly there is no "outside" anymore. My inner journey begins. I do not do anything, I do not think anymore, I do not feel anymore - that's the moment when the energy moves to my center. There, where I really am, but also where I no longer exist. The state of meditation is not easy to describe. You can only experience meditation. Every word does not speak the truth. Meditation can happen anywhere. Even in the city, surrounded by noise. I find that rather difficult. I prefer the meditative mood at home in my sacred room or in nature. And then in the style of ZEN: “Just sitting silently,doing nothing,the spring comes and the grass grows by itself”


Next, I will describe something that is so commonplace that most people would not recognize it as a spiritual practice:

walking as a spiritual practice

"We can walk, and we never know how we walk. If someone asks you how you walk you say, “I just walk. There is no ‘how’ to it.” But the “how” has been there when a child begins to walk: he learns. But if an adult talks to a child, saying to him that walking needs no method – “You just walk!” – then it becomes nonsense. The child cannot understand it." OSHO

Have you ever watched yourself walking? What are you doing? Are you really walking or are you doing something different? Today's time is very fast-paced. Often I have the feeling that I cannot keep up anymore. That's why every day I try to make something consciously special out of everyday things. Walking has become a matter of course for us. It runs off mechanically. You do not need to do much for it. And so comes the notion that this precious time to get from A to B could be used for something else. "Oh, I eat or drink something fast. Oh, I still have to call someone. Or I could quickly check the emails. "There are so many things you can do by the way. And I watch this every day on the street!!! Did you read what I wrote earlier? Precious time and time of walking is so precious that it would be a pity not to really experience it. Take a look at the next "walking" to observe the process of walking. What do you feel in you? How is the ground under you? How do you breathe while walking? What do you think when walking? Are you distracting yourself? At the beginning there is a kind of self-knowledge and from this perception something wonderful can arise. Begin to be careful. Feel the ground beneath you, it is Mother Earth, where our roots lead us. Feel the wind or the breeze that caresses you. It is the divine! Close your eyes for a moment. Inhale with your nose and follow the breath as it flows through your body. Let the breath end in your feet and give it to the earth. Suddenly you feel connected. Wonderful, right? Now go on and be completely with yourself. Do not be distracted. Go, if you go! Be in the HERE and NOW!

Mudras are more than just hand gestures. Mudra is Sanskrit and means not only gesture, but also posture, seal or sign. Hand mudras are the best known, but there are also mudras, where the whole body is used. Soon I'll write a full page about mudras. Now I'm going to describe you my favorite mudra: The GYAN. Gyan mudra often used while meditating, is one of the most important mudras that promote physical and mental health.

traditional & "everyday" sadhana: GYAN MUDRA

Mudras are finger poses. Great healing power is flowing in Mudras, which actually emanates from me and returns to me. I love mudras and they play a big role in my everyday life. That's why I'll dedicate a whole page to the mudras later. Here I introduce you to a very simple mudra, although this mudra is the most important ever!

 The Gyan Mudra is a very popular spiritual practice for me. I can almost always do it, in principle. Whether I am lying, sitting, standing or walking. The Mudra is always possible with one hand. Accordingly, I use them very often during the day. When I put the tips of my thumb and index finger together in a naturally way, I immediately feel a certain lightness. Immediately I will become attentive and aware again. That's why I like to use Gyan-Mudra in everyday life. It is, so to speak, my "Universal Mudra", to turn something mundane into something divine. For example, when writing, painting, running, brushing your teeth ... Sometimes I fall asleep with this mudra too. But then I do it with both hands. The Gyan is one of the mudras that you do not necessarily have to practice for a given time. You just make them as long as you feel comfortable doing. Or of course as long as you have time. For me, the Gyan is just the perfect everyday Mudra! Nevertheless, I do it with dedication and love. With the Gyan you can not only heal your spirit (it leads you from the chaotic world of thought to a unity), but also cure diseases. Personally, I have no experience. But I can imagine that very well. The Gyan-Mudra offers many possibilities to use. Gyan is the mother of many mudras. It can be used to create other mudra shapes by turning your hands connected with different postures. Gyan mudra symbolizes the union of Self with the universe, the unification of one's soul and the supreme Soul. The thumb symbolizes the supreme Soul, the index finger refers to the practitioner's soul. Gyan really gives me a lot of joy and I hope that I could inspire you.

This is one of Osho's famous meditation techniques for contemporary people. I love the mantra "AUM" or "OM". No wonder that this technique is especially important to me.

Osho meditation technique


and only the universal sound remains…

Doing this there will be moments – and they will be the most beautiful moments – when you will not be repeating and everything has stopped. Suddenly you will become aware that you are not chanting and everything has stopped. Enjoy it. If thoughts start coming, again start chanting …

“ If you have a musical ear, if you have a heart which can understand music – not only understand but feel , then a mantra will be helpful, because then you can become one with the inner sounds, then you can move with those sounds to more and more subtle layers.Then a moment comes when all sounds stop and only the universal sound remains. That is AUM.” ~OSHO

FIRST STEP, but the body: saying OM – ten minutes 

SECOND STEP, but the mind: silent repetition of OM – 10 minutes

THIRD STEP,  listening to the resonance of OM within – 10 minutes

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