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OSHO about  M E D I T A T I O N

Here  you  will  discover  a  selection  of  quotes  from  Osho  on topic of meditation:

"And if one can keep waiting, one day suddenly it comes like an explosion, like lightning."

"Find time and space, and make it a point to meditate. In the beginning it is difficult, but remain patient. All that is needed is patience. And remain hopeful, optimistic, because it is only a question of time. It is just like when you sow seeds: you can`t expect the shoots the next day. They will take their time, they will come only in their own time. They don`t follow your expectations; they follow a certain law of their own. They have their intrinsic law, their own nature. They will wait for the right season, maybe for clouds to come, for rain, maybe for the spring …

Every man has the seeds of meditation but one cannot predict when they will start growing. One has to be patient and one has to go on meditating without any concern as to whether one is succeeding or not. And one day, suddenly, out of nowhere it starts happening. It always happens like a miracle. It does not grow gradually; it is always a sudden phenomenon. It is like water: you heat it, you go on heating it…only at certain temperature does it evaporate. At ninety-nine degrees, it is still water – hot water, but still water. At one hundred degrees, it is suddenly no longer water. And that`s how meditation functions.

So don`t lose heart. That is one of the basic reasons so many people start to meditate und don`t succeed. Many start, but after just a few days they think they are not succeeding. It is not a question of succeeding of failing. Just go on doing it irrespective of what is happening – just as every day you take a bath, you go to sleep. You don`t bother about whether you are succeeding or not, whether you are gaining something or not. A bath is good in itself, it has intrinsic value. Soon meditation becomes like an inner bath. You feel better, you feel more centered, more rooted, more grounded. And if one can keep waiting, one day suddenly it comes like an explosion, like lightning. From that moment you are no longer the same. From that moment you do not need to do any meditation; then you are in meditation whatsoever you are doing. Then breathing is meditation, walking is meditation, eating is meditation. Then meditation simply becomes your very nature.”

(Osho, first in the morning, day 136)


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