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I dedicate this page to all spiritual artisans of Asia

Thanks to my wonderful husband, there really is not much difference between my personal life and working life. The Bali Beach Museum Shop is also my home, the "day home". There I live in a beautiful, meditative atmosphere. Surrounded by Buddha images, statues of Hinduism deities... incense smells everywhere. Flowers lie on the altars or decorate the ensouled figures. In the background, there is floating music, mostly mantra sounds. I feel the power of the Balinese gods and demons. And with Garuda I get as fast as the wind from the mundane to the world of spirituality. Would you like to fly with me?

In Bali, I learned that there are actually no artists. They are artisans, craftmen of God. Before a Balinese starts something creative, he prays. A deep prayer, an oneness with God. Originally, an artisan does not sign his work because it was the craft of God. Hubert and I did not really look for artworks in Asia. The artworks met us. We were attracted magically. Til today. And you really feel which figure has a soul ...
It is interesting that I did hear much later a discourse from my Guruji Osho, when he talked about this.

"The distinction between the subjective and the objective art is basically based on meditation. Anything that comes out of the mind will remain subjective art, and anything that comes out of no-mind, out of silence, out of meditation, will be objective art.

This definition is simple and will destroy your confusion. Whether you are creating something – you may be a sculptor, you may be a carpenter, you may be a painter, a poet, a singer, a musician – all that has to be remembered is that it is coming out of a silence within you, that it has a spontaneity. It is not prearranged, preprogrammed, pre-thought. As you are creating something you go on being surprised yourself – you have left yourself in the hands of existence." ~ Osho, from The Razor's Edge

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"remove ostacles from you life", find you Ganesha statue!

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 Many customers call us: The Buddha Shop.
And they are not wrong.

We have a lot of Buddha images from Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, India, Laos, Cambodia and China.

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Shiva, Krishna, Saravati, Lakshmi, Kali and many deities more.

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Personally, I was fascinated by the Tibetan Buddhist imagery early on. Maybe you are too.

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Although our collection of Bali is now in the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad (Russia), we still have some nice exhibits from the island in our shop.

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Ever wanted to have a small temple at home or maybe at your workplace?

Here you can find beautiful reliefs from Myanmar.

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Here you can find Thangka, Tibetan scroll paintings, and other paintings with Buddhist motifs. Click on the picture!

Bali's culture is very colorful and lively.

A constant movement between good and evil that ends in harmony. And this is also reflected in the paintings.

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Flowers and plants are a gift of existence. Become a flower and you are in meditation.

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A waterfall, in the rice field, in the mountains ...

Landscapes enchant us and put us into meditation.

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Abstract paintings often come from the "here and now". Pure meditation.

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ॐ गम गणपतये नमः    OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha