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I dedicate this page to my love for Asia


The Asian world has already fascinated me in my childhood. I felt familiar in Hindu and Buddhist culture. It was as if my real home was there. Have I lived there before? My mom loved Chinese culture. But that was not my cup of tea, even though I later traveled to China. I was fascinated by the many images of gods. There was a deity for every aspect of life. Wow! And especially the demons, the underworld creatures. India, Nepal, Tibet and Bali. What an incredible culture lived there. And partly it is still living there. If you dive deeper into the countries and not just for a bathing holiday. I wanted to spend my life there. This wish was fulfilled. 25 years I spent the European winter months in our house in Bali (Indonesia). A wonderful time that taught me a lot. For me, the "island of gods and demons" is the home of my soul. Even if Hubert and I do not live there anymore. The island is part of our life. Bali is our life! This is reflected in the photos that I will show here in the future. I think nobody (even the Balinese) knows more temples than me. And Bali has thousands! Places away from the tourist routes, rice fields (we lived right in the rice field), markets, festivals, traditional art, offerings (by the way, I tinkered offerings every day) and the beaches. Even tourist places have kept their tradition. Only one street behind the center and everything is changed. And this is not just for Bali. I had meditative moments in the most incredible places. In the middle of the traffic jam of the big cities of Asia. Thailand is also very familiar to me because we had business to do there. Hubert and I traveled all over the country. How different Thailand is, if one does not visit the well-known tourist magnets. I was allowed to travel to India, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. And if I may call a second country that I would call "home", it would be Nepal. If Hubert did not have to give up his house in Bhaktapur because of the civil war, we would have lived there too.

I carry some places in my heart even though I was not there. The existence did not want that yet. The time is not ripe for that. But the time will come. Everything in life has a reason. And I have patience...

And now I start the meditative photo journey with a small potpourri from different countries.

Soon followed by theme oriented photo galleries.

Enjoy my meditative photo journey!

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